• Patoo

A Shanghai Love Story

Fragrance as a source of inspiration

I sit at the terrace of a café nestled in Shanghai old French Quarter. Holding a bunch of white roses I am waiting for her. I yearn to capture her heart. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.

She rides her bicycle in the Shikumen* lane. Her slender figure and long black hair catch my eyes. Nail polish and ribbons lovingly matched with her flower-print dress. In the pristine spring light she seems to float along, dream-like.

Later I gently touch her hand. Eyes closed, I breathe her sweet and fruity perfume. When she speaks, the rest of the World is silent to me...

* Shikumen is a traditional Shanghainese architectural style combining Western and Chinese elements

Jeunesse du Temps No6

A young and sexy oriental vanilla fragrance with a unique blend of East and West scents.