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The "Paris of the East" is loaded with exciting events, places and opportunities to wave goodbye to 1930 in style and glamour! Hereafter our special selection!

The "talkies" arrived in Shanghai!

At Le Capitol you can enjoy the latest Paramount Picture musical comedy, Playboy of Paris, directed by Ludwig Berger, starring the most internationally beloved French singer and actor Maurice Chevalier and the stunning American actress Frances Marion Dee.

The plot: Albert Loriflan (Maurice Chevalier), a waiter in a Paris cafe, unexpectedly inherits a large sum of money from a wealthy relative. His unscrupulous boss, Philibert, refuses to release him from his long-term contract in the hope that Albert will buy him off with a large payment. But Albert refuses, and continues to work at the cafe even though he is now very rich. Before long he falls in love with Philibert's daughter Yvonne (Frances Marion Dee)...

Party at the most fashionable places in town!

Make this New Year's Eve the happiest you have ever spent!

At The Old Carlton, the meeting place for Shanghai's elegant elite, you will enjoy an unforgettable dinner listening to Jazz music!

The Astor House Hotel is the place you are looking for a more festive dance dinner atmosphere!

Finally, if you are a bachelor, you can dance with forty beautiful taxi girls at Casanova!

Looking for an elegant New Year's Eve gift?

Offer her or him a French luxury perfume! At Façon boutique, The French Perfume House in Shanghai, you will find the latest fragrances from Paris!

Where to find us?


Jovoy Paris, 4 rue de Castiglione,

75001 Paris (eShop)


Shanghai flagship store: Jianguo West Road 468, house 10, Shanghai.

Located within Jianyeli Capella Hotel complex.

Tel: 021-52991673

Mob: 13381939765

Wechat: FaconParfums

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Dear Friends, Clients and Fans,

Last week our musician friends of the Amber Ensemble of Shanghai Opera House Symphony Orchestra made a surprise and dropped by our Shanghai perfume shop! Enjoy the little Christmas video we have prepared with them!

May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021 from Façon Parfums Team!


Patrice & Team

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Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Shanghai glamorous nightlife, an endless source of inspiration

Since the first half of the 20th century, Shanghai glamorous nightlife has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists of all kinds including perfumers!

In Lisa See's novel, Shanghai Girls (2009), the sisters May and Pearl describe the scent of the city by night: " We are young, we are beautiful, and we live in the Paris of Asia [...] we step into the Shanghai night [...] each block brings us the smells of death and decay, ginger and roast duck, French perfume and incense".

Shanghai has inspired countless films. The Goddess (1934), a striking contrast between the glorious Bund illuminated skyline and the tragic life of the heroine, played by the superstar Ruan Lingyu, wandering the streets in search of clients until dawn.

In a completely different style, Tom Cruise's night-time bungee jump from the China Bank Tower in Mission Impossible III (2006) takes us to 21st century Shanghai.

And when it comes to songs, how can we fail to mention Shanghai Nights magnificently interpreted by the iconic singer Zhou Xuan in 1949?

In the following chapter, I would like to share with you a short story I wrote in 2013. It is set in Shanghai old French Quarter and called Midnight Rendezvous. It inspired the creation of the fragrance Piège de Soie No1.

Patrice Bonzom,

Founder of Façon Parfums

Midnight rendezvous

In the former French Quarter of Shanghai, the elegant lounge bar pulsates like a heart, neon colours swirling to the beat. The air breathes a scent of promise.

She knows I’m watching. Everyone is. She sits at a high table near the bar, her feline figure sheathed in black, tracing a finger through the droplets clinging to her glass. Empty space around her, a force field which invites and yet forbids. No one dares come near.

Lights dance across her face, caressing the cool white skin. Electric eyes, searching. The barest flicker of a smile hovers on her lips. She turns away, the red spike of her stiletto heel beckons as she crosses her legs.

In the mirror above the bar, our eyes lock. I feel the breeze of her carnal perfume. Who is she? The story begins….

Piège de Soie No1

A cocktail party at twilight,

A dangerous sensuality,

The fluidity of silk...

A sensual and elegant floriental fragrance. The movement starts with a carnal strawberry and cherry accord. A floral bouquet revolving around winter sweet, a rare and delicate Chinese winter flower, and English garden Heliotrope unfolds a fascinating and warm night atmosphere with hints of voluptuous vanilla and almond. An ambery balsamic accord adding a subtle silky and soft texture to the composition.

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